The League of Women Voters of Westford is a group of women and men of all ages and backgrounds with the common interest of “Making Democracy Work.” The League’s goal is to encourage active and informed participation of citizens in government.

    The Westford LWV has put together a Voters’ Guide to help you learn more about the candidates for the 2nd Middlesex District State Representative seat.  Our Candidates’ Forum will not be rescheduled, so use this guide to get to know the candidates better.

     Read State Rep Voters’ Guide!

Latest News

    State Election Information

    Posted on Oct 15 2014

    Looking for information about the upcoming election?  The LWV of Massachusetts has put together a comprehensive Voters’ Guide for all statewide candidates. It provides a great way to compare candidates’ responses on the issues.  Click here to read it online.

    The town has made a sample ballot available online.  Don’t be surprised by the items on the ballot on Election Day – look over the ballot ahead of time to make sure you know what you will voting on.

    Report from LWV Traffic Forum in January 2003

    Posted on Jan 20 2014

    Amid the current discussions of traffic in Westford, we thought it would be helpful to make a report from the League’s Forum on traffic in Westford, written in January 2003.   Comparing the solutions proposed then, to the problems and solutions being proposed following the most recent NMCOG traffic study in town highlights the continued changes to traffic patterns in town.  If you are interested in the current traffic and parking issues in town, reading this report gives you additional history and insight into the challenges Westford faces dealing with increased traffic and development.  Download and read the report here.