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Arts and Education Programming

More than half of our funds the PTO receives are used for added cirriculum events that we call Arts and Education Programming (AEP). Some may remember it as Enrichment, as it was called in years past. To know what is scheduled for the year, we will post a calendar of events as well as information on the event and reviews after the event.

Arts and Education Programming Update 1/18/12

Since we met last ...

On Monday, January 9th at Stony Brook, the eighth grade enjoyed Mr. Richard Williamson's Liquid Nitrogen four hands-on presentations in the auditorium. He is willing to come to Blanchard this year too, if the eighth grade science teachers would like him to visit.

On Friday, December 16th, Ball in the House performed two general assembly programs at each middle school in the auditoriums.. They also spent an hour with the West Street Serenaders collaborating on performing a song at the evening concert. Then, the evening concert organized by Heidi.

On Thursday, December 1st, Paulette Morin of Having Fun with Science presented two programs about the Egyptian pyramids and pharaohs to the seventh graders from both middle schools in their auditoriums.

Coming up ...

On Wednesday March 14th, Poetry in Motion will perform for sixth graders from both middle schools in their auditoriums. Feel free to watch Blanchard starts at 8:05am and Stony Brook starts at 10:30am.

On Wednesday March 21st, Todd Rider from MIT Lincoln Labs will spend the day presenting Biotechnology presentations to the seventh graders at Blanchard. Schedule to be determined by Tim.

End of May 2012 Yoko Watkins to visit seventh graders at both middle schools. Details TBD.

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