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SafeHomes Program Enters 9th Year     safehomelogo

The SafeHomes Program starts its tenth year in Westford.  WASA  sponsors this innovative program, offering Westford parents an opportunity to join together to provide a safe environment for their children as well as fostering communication among parents and between parents and young people. Results from surveys of Westford Middle School and Westford Academy students indicate significant tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug us. The SafeHomes Program provides a way for parents to establish clear expectations of “no use” of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs by minors. Participation in the SafeHomes program is offered to all families in Westford with children of any school age. Research indicates that young people who experience caring and supportive families and communities are less likely to engage in risky behavior. Starting early is vital!

Click here for a SafeHomes Program registration form.

Parents who join the SafeHomes Program will sign a pledge to follow some simple principles that will provide a safer world for young people, including:

* I will not serve nor will I allow the consumption of alcohol by youth under the legal drinking age in my home or on my property.
* I will not allow the use or presence of any illegal drugs in my home or on my property.
* I will not allow the use of my home or property for parties or gatherings when I am not present.
* I will provide secure storage for firearms and other potentially hazardous items in my home or on my property.

A directory of participating families will be printed and distributed to SafeHomes families.

The idea for this program originated at a Westford 2000 – A Peaceable Community meeting in March, 2000.  The program is endorsed by the Westford Public Schools, the Westford Police Department, The Westford Board of Health, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Westford Rotary Club and Emerson Hospital.

Look for registration information at school curriculum nights and open houses this fall and in school newsletters.

Click here for a SafeHomes Program registration form.
For further information about the SafeHomes Program, please contact Ray Peachey, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator in the Westford Health Department,978-399-2528 or